Thursday, September 6, 2007

Remembering Pavarotti

I just loved that guy.

He had "presence." I don't care that other people would call him a "no show," "eccentric" or "temperamental." Duh. He was an ARTIST, hello?

He was great at what he did. He really was.

In the opera world, to "turn a phrase" with an orchestra is really what the Artist is supposed to do, and Pavarotti did that.

Quite a creature. Not a "Hero of Liberty" I would usually like to display on a post, but a theme I have been struggling for a niche to voice:

An Artist Is A Politician - Has A Voice - Must Travel.

The artist first thinks s/he must pander. This is not true. Craving bread, the artist caves.

Not what you thought, eh? Observe, from the Opera "Turandot":

Dilegua Notte!
Tramontate stelle,
Tramontate stelle,
All'alba vincero, Vincero !

Banish the Night!
Fade ye stars,
Fade ye stars,
When the Dawn breaks, I shall win! I Shall Win!

The very last phrases of "None Shall Sleep/Nessun Dorma"

If you substitute Pavoratti's love object, Turandot, for Liberty, I think you get my drift.

May you rest well, Luciano. You did a GREAT job.