Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All Of The Sudden...

The US Senate makes a lot more sense to me.

Harry Reid learned to swim in a whorehouse:

As a boy, I learned to swim at a whorehouse. Nobody in town had ever seen such a fancy inground tiled pool in their lives as the pool at the El Rey. Or any pool at all, for that matter. At least nobody that we knew. The El Ray was the main bordello when I was growing up in Searchlight. Every Thursday afternoon, the whoremonger in town, a kindly bear of a man by the name of Willie Martello, would ask the girls who worked the El Rey to clear out, and he'd invite the children in town, usually no more than a dozen of so at a time, to swim in his pool. And we would live the life of Riley for a couple of hours, splashing in the azure blue of that whorehouse pool.

He goes on about how difficult his early life was. But does he not see the irony of this story, given that he's pimping his new book for sale?

And so it goes.