Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin's Speech Just Wrapped

I know that Sarah Palin's dog sled just got in from the great frontier and all, but there's been an election going on here for some time, and clearly she has not been paying attention to it. Palin jumped right on, mocking Barack Obama's foreign policy credentials as if he didn't convincingly prove himself in seven thousand televised debates against Hillary Clinton and the rest of the democratic field, exposing himself to every question in the book.

Her lies about Obama's tax plan were galling and further proof that whatever politics she learned in Alaska, they sound an awful lot like Bush-Rove tactics here in the lower 48.

Palin, and Rudy before her, openly laughed at Barack Obama's community service in Chicago. Excuse me? If America had more people willing to do, or capable of doing, that kind of service our cities wouldn't be in the shape they're in right now. But what would she know about cities?

Jesse Taylor at Pandagon summed it up nicely, "This is a speech to Michelle Malkin’s fucking comments section."