Thursday, September 18, 2008

¿Pinche, o Estupido?

What is McCain possibly thinking?

Josh Marshall thinks of a few options to explain:

Option #1: McCain is so addled he not only doesn't know who Zapatero is but doesn't even know where Spain is located.

Option #2: McCain was not confused but actually meant his very belligerent comments about Spain and the Zapatero government (Scheunemann's line).

Option #3: Through some mixture of confusion and inability to understand the interviewer's accent, McCain was confused about who he was talking about and decided to wing it, assuming that the person he was being asked about was some other left-wing strong man from Latin America and answering with the standard boilerplate about standing up to America's enemies.

None of the above are suitable for a President of the US; particularly from a guy who claims his strong suit is foreign policy.

With apologies to George Bernard Shaw's My Fair Lady -

McCain, on Spain, is mainly quite inane. - (By George he's lost it!)