Monday, October 13, 2008


Variations on the Nigerian Royalty scam are on the rise. What I think is really detestable is these ones found me via resume posting and job board accounts like and That's right, these creeps target people seeking work and won't mind robbing them blind of their last chunk of money.

Here's what they look like:

Start working with us today! All that you need is to have the bank account
and the opportunity of checking your e-mail twice day. *Previous
experience in finance/accounting is not a mandatory requirement.

It could even be a part time! Your earnings will depend on your
speed and accuracy of completing assignments. Salary starts from
$3,000 USD(2,057 EUR) per month.

Please contact us: for additional
information. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as

Sincerely,Liberty Trading team, Michael Gilson,

And another:

I am Maxwell Dean, marketing manager of Es Textiles & Fabrics Company .
We are into Raw materials Production of textile and fabrics which I Supply to my
customers in the American geographical region and Europe, For making of good
clothes and Fabrics.

Our customers in AMERICA intend to pay with USA Money Orders, which
is hard for me to cash here in the Cyprus . So I decided to search for a reliable and honest person in USA to help me in cashing the Money Order and send me cash here in Cyprus. All you need do is this; you will accept payment from my customers Coming to you in Money Orders. You will take it to the Bank to have it deposited. You shall be rewarded with a payment of 10% for every payment you receive.

Please if you are interested, forward all requiredInformation below to me :
Your Name:
Mailing Address:
Zip Code:
Cell/phone number:
E-mail address:
Present working Status:
Have you done this type of work before ? YES / NO

You must have a bank to process payments !
Reply me as soon as possible only if you are interested as soon as I
receive the above details from you work will commence.

Marketing Manager'Maxwell Dean
E-mail :
Phone No: +9054288735018
If you know low information folks seeking work and have their resumes up at Monster and other websites, let them know to beware of these jerks. Sad thing is I am sure there are others targeting the same group, and some targets thinking its something that these 'opportunities' could help their period of unemployment.