Monday, May 19, 2008

It's, Like, Butter Dude.

I have been persecuted tagged by Dr. Zaius with this meme thingy.

Heeeeeeeere we go!

* The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.

* Each player answers the questions about himself or herself.

* At the end of the post, the player
then tags five people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves
them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to
read your blog.

1. Ten years ago I was - Just as Unconventional as I am today. It was also the last year that myself and Mr. B were single. Poor fellows.

2. Five Things on Today's To Do List - I'm not much for lists except for when it comes to making menus and shopping for groceries. I do keep a set of "I would like to achieve [insert goal or project here] in the reasonable forseeable future" in my head.
Acouple of those are:
* Finish learning and memorizing this Chopin A-Flat Ballade
* Finish learning and memorizing Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue"
* Wrap up and finalize my plans for covering the Democratic Convention

3. Things I'd do if I were a billionaire -

* Buy "The Onion" and secure White House press credentials for the writing staff.
* Buy Bush's Texas Ranch and give it to Cindy Sheehan. She would do an awesome job of the un-Prezidential Library I think.
* Endow 10 college music scholarships per year for talented kids who just coudn't afford it.
* Triple the annual operating budget for the Lincoln Food bank in Lincoln NE. They're one of the smalles ones in the country, yet can't meet the total need even though they're located smack in the middle of the best farmland in the US. I think that's an absolute shame.
* With the remainder and until it ran out, I'd fund coordinated advertising every Sunday in the major papers and the talking head shows with the "Wanker Of The Week." You know, public service announcements

4. Three Bad Habits -

* Butter. I have this compulsion about butter. If there's not a back up pound of it in the freezer, I get very very anxious.
* Procrastination. See the unfinished things in #2.
* Driving. I loathe driving and won't do it around town. I've walked or ridden the bus to work for years and years now. The only exception is for road trips. I'm pretty cheerful about the long distance drive (except for mountain passes) and I'll happily share the driving, but in-town driving? Uh-uh. Mr. B calls it "Driving Miss Daisy."

5. Five Places I've lived - Hood River OR, Warren VT, Santa Fe NM, Phoenix AZ, Denver CO.
That's only the Earth locations. I simply cannot reveal the off-world missions.

6. Five Jobs I've had in life -

* Busboy/Waiter/Bartender. Hospitality is fun!
* Lounge Lizard style piano player for cheezy hotel bars, and cheezy establishments in general.
* Wholesale Computer sales
* Paralegal
* Telecommunications analyst

Whew! That was unpleasant fun!

I solemnnly pass this meme thingy to Randall Graves, Utah Savage, SadButTrue, Station Agent, and Scarlet Blue