Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kurds Threaten Suicide Attacks Against Americans

The great success story emerging from the Iraq disaster, at least according to the Bush administration, is the glorious northern region where the Kurdish Iraqis have allegedly thrived.

Well, you can always count on Bush to leave no stone unturned in bringing you a complete failure.

From AP:

Kurdish rebels could launch suicide attacks against American interests to punish the U.S. for sharing intelligence with Turkey after Turkey bombed rebel bases, a spokeswoman for a wing of a rebel group warned.

Turkey's military said more than 150 Kurdish rebels were killed in Friday's air strikes against bases of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, on Mount Qandil on the border of Iran and Iraq. Peritan Derseem, a senior official of the rebel group's Iranian wing, PEJAK, claimed that only six people were killed in latest Turkish strikes.

Derseem said, "We have changed our stand toward the United States government and we are standing against them now. Maybe some day ... individual combatants might launch suicide attacks inside Iraq and Turkey, and even against American interests."

By the way something, the Kurds are also alienating the central government by proceeding with deals autonomously.

Image lifted from flickr.