Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SERIES: Worst Album Covers, Potty Mouth Edition

I have a ridiculous fascination with album covers; the worse the cover, the better I like it.

Say hello to Millie Jackson! This is the cover to her 1990 offering "Back to the Shit!"

Yep - she's known for her explicit lyrics and lewd, rude, shall we say "unconventional" album covers. She has more than 20 albums since 1973, and tons of concert appearances. But because of all the preceding, she's been slow to gain mainstream acceptance.

And since it won't hurt to boost my Blog Cuss-o-meter rating, which is at a paltry, practically virginal 2.5%, I thought I'd include her "Fuck You Symphony" which just makes me laugh out loud.

Millie currently owns a recording studio in Dallas TX.