Friday, May 2, 2008

A Long Time Ago, In a Campaign Far Far Away

I know that someone is going to turn this democratic primary into a movie, I just didn't think it would be Star Wars.

By the way something, the entire campaign from Obama's perspective is being filmed for a documentary by Edward Norton's production team. It'll be hard to top The War Room, a very raw, utterly gripping documentary about Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign.

In this clip, check out James Carville calling Ross Perot's $60 million dollar campaign, "The most expensive single act of masturbation in the history of the world." I guess Romney and now Senator Clinton have topped that.

Of course, campaign documentaries can come back to haunt you, as in this clip from the same movie, which shows Clinton supporter Micky Kantor telling Carville that the people of Indiana are "shit". Oops.

UPDATE: The makers of The War Room say Kantor didn't actually say what the clip claims he said.