Tuesday, May 27, 2008

McCain Heckled in Denver Today

McCain was speaking at the University of Denver today about arms proliferation. Elisabeth Bumiller from the New York times was in the audience; in fact she's been riding around with McCain on the campaign's bus and on the plane and in the blimp and the submarine and whatever other conveyeances Cindy probably owns.
DENVER — Senator John
, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, distanced himself from the Bush administration on Tuesday by vowing to work more closely with Russia on nuclear disarmament and by calling for a reduction in tactical nuclear weapons in Europe.

In what his campaign promoted as a major speech on nuclear security policy,
Mr. McCain told a largely friendly crowd at the University of Denver that he
supported a legally binding accord between the two nations to replace
verification requirements in the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or Start,
which expires in 2009. The Bush administration has refused to accept such
binding limits on nuclear weapons, which the administration’s critics say has
created paranoia in Moscow. [emphasis mine.]
Well, watch this largley friendly crowd:

You won't get one whiff of that from the article Bumiller turned in. I call "HACK!"
Pass the cocktail weenies, please.