Monday, May 12, 2008

May Minneapolis Be As "Interesting" As Denver?

I certainly hope so.

The L.A. Times blog "Top of the Ticket" reports "Ron Paul's forces quietly plot GOP convention revolt against McCain"

Yippee, I say!

In the last three months, Paul's forces, who donated $34.5 million to his White House effort and upward of a million total votes, have, as The Ticket has noted, been fighting a series of guerrilla battles with party establishment officials at county and state conventions from Washington and Missouri to Maine and Mississippi. Their goal: to take control of local committees, boost their delegate totals and influence platform debates.
They hope to demonstrate their disagreements with McCain vocally at the convention through platform fights and an attempt to get Paul a prominent speaking slot. Paul, who's running unopposed in his home Texas district for an 11th House term, still has some $5 million in war funds and has instructed his followers that their struggle is not about a single election, but a long-term revolution for control of the Republican Party.
Some signs of cracking in the notorious discipline in the right are welcome as far as I am concerned.

UPDATE: I got more of my wish! Bob Barr is officially running! Clip from 4/9/2008 "speculation" on Hannity & Colmes:

I still wonder if Minneapolis is paying $200,000 for a new SWAT vehicle for their convention, like Denver is?