Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Meme...

Monsieur Randal Graves has put out one of those irritating enjoyable blog memes. In a nutshell, you're supposed to list your favorite album produced during each year of your life.

I'm not doing that. But here's the thing; Randal claims he was hatched in 1973. Instant bell rang in my head, because that's the year that Pink Floyd produced Dark Side Of The Moon. '73 was a very good year evidently, since it produced Randal, DSOM and Led Zep's Houses of the Holy.

I'm not a metalhead; I was more of a glam rock kid back in those years, so one of my fav tunes from Houses is No Quarter. Lemme tell you, it's not easy to cover Zep tunes on solo piano, and for sure, this attempt is marginal too. Nonetheless this one's for Monsieur L'Ennui. Consider your meme met, bub.