Monday, July 14, 2008

Light Posting

Sorry About the Light Posting lately. I've been busy and wrapped up in meat world.
But I did catch something in the news - from ThinkProgress:

The Sunday Times reports Stephen Payne, a Bush pioneer and a political appointee to the Homeland Security Advisory Council, was caught on tape offering access to key members of the Bush administration inner circle in exchange for “six-figure donations to the private library being set up to commemorate Bush’s presidency.”

In an undercover video, Payne is seen promising to arrange a meeting for an exiled leader of Krygystan with Dick Cheney or Condoleezza Rice. (Not President Bush because “he doesn’t meet with a lot of former Presidents these days,” Payne says. “I don’t think he meets with hardly anyone.”) All it will take for him to arrange this high-level meeting, says Payne, is “a couple hundred thousand dollars, or something like that”:

PAYNE: The exact budget I will come up with. But it will be somewhere
between $600,000 and $750,000, with about a third of it going directly to the
Bush library. […] 200, 250, something like that. That’s gonna be a show of
“we’re interested, we’re your friends, we’re still friends.”

Watch the startling video here.