Friday, June 20, 2008

C-SPAN Let's Me Become Furious At The House

I'm watching all the actors on the stage regarding FISA and at this very minute; 9:58 Mountain time, Speaker Pelosi is at the well, speaking.

More correctly she is LYING. I am watching her lie to me! I have a copy of the bill open too, and she is outright lying about what is and is not in it.

I could vomit.
Watching Steny Hoyer made me grind my teeth.

10:27 Mountain - the Bill has gone to the Vote on Passage, and I'm watching the "Yeas" rack up.

In my opinion, every Yea voter is abandoning the Constitution, and they know it. Fer crying out loud, the old FISA set the bar LOW already, and was controversial enough in itself!

Crooks and Liars has the video of constitutional expert Jonathan Turley on last night's Olbermann. And he calls it exactly right.

And still NO WORD from Constitutional-Lawyer-Democratic-Candidate-for-President Obama. He could really have helped stopped this fiasco.

10:48 Mountain Time
C-SPAN's screen tally indicates passage of HR 6304: Yea - 293, Nay - 129, Not Voting - 13.

1 Republican voted Nay. 107 Democrats voted Yea. I'll have to wait till the roll call is up to see who are the Constitution haters.