Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Pie Fighing Is Over!

Thank goodness, it appears that with the exception of a few crusts and some whippedcream to be tossed about, the Pie Fighting Season is just about over. I couldn't be more happy. The blood letting and internecine warfare was really getting on my nerves, and I'm very much looking forward to all that winding down.

I'm sure Kos, HuffingtonPost and the like will stay shrill for a bit longer. Afterall, it's hard to sing a new song when you've become really, REALLY good at the one you've been singing.

An additional reason that there are a few crumbs left to be thrown is that Hillary Clinton has a very short window to remain credible and viable as a Senator. She'll be very busy negotiating behind the scenes I am sure. And the top tier blogs will cry "Foul!" "Get off stage!" "Your song is DONE!" And I suspect that in a week or so, there probably won't be anymore provocative statements out of the Clinton campaign, and we'll have All-Obama-All-The-Time coverage in the blogosphere and the traditional media. And watch the turn the media will take.

That's all fair grist for the mill I suppose. In a way, those top tier candidate blogs who run their blogs as a business will owe Hillary Clinton a small debt; they'll be able to keep their traffic up for a while longer. It's fairly well known that blog traffic declines a bit in the summer. The ones who have remained steady and growing have always been the issue blogs like Firedoglake, Digby, Glenn Greenwald, ThinkProgress etc.

I'm expecting and hoping that the temporarily-candidate-oriented blogs will return to the issues, as it's going to be very important that the traditional media has a countervoice in the blogosphere as large as possible. Especially during the Democratic Convention here in Denver this August. I fully expect and predict the traditional media to paint it as looney and "how could you possibly vote for these unorganized, messy and LIBRUL LIBRUL LIBRUL people who hate America?"

A Democratic victory in November is not a sure thing, and is going to be closer than most expect I would predict. I say 10% spread or less. The same bastards who brought you Swiftboating are doing just fine, thank you, and do you expect the Republican Party to play anything but dirty? I didn't think so.

So the most important thing is to vote. Just pull the Dem lever and call it done. I think most Clinton supporters will end up doing so.

Now that the pie fight is over, we can focus on having some actual nice pie, not the cheap kind one makes to throw. Here's a recipe we do at Chez Unconventional. I invite you to have a slice: