Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chopin Etude, Opus 25 No. 1 A Flat Major

I have been working on consolidating all the videos I have made between different Youtube and Photobucket accounts. (In other words, I have forgotten all the crap I've made, and didn't want to repeat an effort, as I really want to add to the music repertoire.

Come to find out, I actually have something on the Intertubz with over 1,000 views! I was quite startled to learn that actually. It's this recording of the Chopin Etude, Opus 25 No. 1 A Flat Major.

Wiki says:
As a technical work, this piece requires an extremely flexible hand, wide spans between fingers, accuracy in large leaps, and exceptionally fine tone control governed by a strong musical instinct. The repeated figures of the arpeggiated inner voices can easily result in an apparent excess, unless phrased artistically. Another difficulty this étude presents is the voicing of the inner counter-melodies. Schumann once commented on Chopin's subtle emphasis on certain melodies throughout this piece.

I say: Duh. Big Giant Arpeggios sort of have that flexible thing as a given. Particularly if you're trying to get a melodic line out of said Big Giant Arpeggios. Oh, and the fuckers are quasi-syncopated as sextuplets. That means six notes against one beat. Enough musico-technobabble.

(Thanks to Mr. B filmed that for me. And a couple other vids too. He has very wisely now left me to me own devices for this video fetish, and I can't say as I blame him, although if I come up with something in the future that I really asked nicely for, he'll help me out I'm sure.)

I'm glad I moved the synth out to the parlor too, so now I have all the music devices in one networked spot. But on the downside, it's one more beast out of the barn. I'll have to finish up that goddamned Ballade and the "Rhapsody in Blue." But I think my next Chopin will be a funky Prelude, rarely played.