Friday, June 6, 2008

National Conference for Media Reform

The National Conference for Media Reform is this weekend. Hurray for them!

I especially like the fact that Bill O'Lielly is pissed off about it.

From Timothy Karr at

What O'Reilly is afraid to admit is that the media reform movement encompasses everyone who thinks our mainstream media -- that means you, Bill -- could do a lot better.


Murdoch's News Corp has spent tens of millions of dollars on well-heeled lobbyists who roam the halls of Washington to peddle policies that allow Murdoch to gobble up local media outlets without any respect for journalism or accountability to the public -- you know, people like you and me, whose interests O'Reilly claims to be looking
out for in the "No Spin Zone."

O'Reilly's real aim is to discredit those of us who have caused his boss so much heartache -- who by our outspoken activism have shown that Murdoch's idea of media consolidation is bad for journalism, bad for democracy and just plain bad for America

Our movement now numbers in the millions, and, as evidenced by last month's tremendous victory in the Senate, we've started chalking up victories against the
lumbering media conglomerates that still control the news agenda for millions of

O'Reilly has every right to be scared because we're coming after him and the broken and dishonest media system he epresents.

Here's Billo being himself:

He just hates it that normal people don't want media consolidation, and people DO want Net Neutrality. Neener neener, Bill.

I expect that there will be some great vids of the speakers this weekend, and great stuff to post from it next week.